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RoBOW’11 Talks

Here is the List of Talks held during the RoBOW’11. The slides will be updated as soon as they arrive :) Calibration-Free Image Processing [PDF, 13.6MB] HTWK Line Projection without Camera Matrix HTWK Dynamic Kick [PDF, 0.8MB] NaoTH Selflocalization FUManoids Potential Fields for positioning and opponents avoidance NaoTH Behavior and Strategies [PDF, 1.9MB] FUManoids ZMP […]

The second day

10:00 am the last RoboCupler arrive Some had noticeable a long night, much has been created, some has been tried. The new day ought begin directly with the games. The host will soon make his first game. Let’s see what the night has brought ;) 11:20 am HTWK – NaoTH HTWK sends their strongest fighter […]

The first day

The start was delayed only slightly. Between 9 and 10 am all team members gathered and the workshop was started. Initial light problems were solved with four extra light sources. A few confusing colors were eliminated and the preparations started. During preparation for the games some recognized faults caused individual delays. Luckily there are test […]

RoBOW’11 – Infos


Workshop in Berlin from 26.02-27.02.1011

The Open RoboCup workshop in Berlin is organized by the teams NaoTH (Berlin), FUmanoids (Berlin) and HTWK (Leipzig). We will collect some interest topics for talks and, of course, we will make games against each other. Each team makes proposals for possible topics. Every team decides afterwards in which topics they are most interested in. […]